Our Mission

OZbreaks is an Australian organisation, run by Aussies for Aussies. We help travellers find the best Australian accommodation deals online, while supporting local charities and community groups.

What is OZbreaks?

OZbreaks is an online booking platform which allows travellers to conveniently compare the best accommodation that Australia has to offer and then book directly with their chosen hotel or resort. Every booking made triggers a donation to a local community group or charity, allowing travellers to give back and support the destination they are visiting.

How does it work?

  • Traveller finds their ideal hotel/resort on OZbreaks & makes a booking instantly through OZbreaks.
  • If the traveller would like the donation from their booking to go to a specific organisation, they enter the relevant code. If not, the donation will go to the charity of the month.
  • The booking drops straight into the property‚Äôs reservation system & the property then communicates directly with the traveller.
  • The traveller enjoys their holiday and OZbreaks sends the donation generated to the chosen organisation.

Want to join the OZbreaks mission?